Become a Volunteer

Dedicated volunteers are always welcome, no matter where you reside.  Our volunteers all work from home and dedicate the amount of time that works for them around their lifestyle and commitments. If you can sew, knit or crochet you can put your skills to work right in your own home by either making quilts (full quilts or tops only), knitting, or crocheting.  If you do not have supplies then we can send them to you. If you are not a craftsperson and still wish to help, then several roles within the organization such as remote workers, accountants, lawyers, and whatever role you want to do need to be undertaken.  Again, the work would be done from home and the amount of time spent and when is in your hands.

Volunteering is such a worthwhile activity, research has shown that the act of giving one’s time volunteering is beneficial; it provides a sense of achievement and purpose to use our skills for the benefit of others.

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Our Team Managers

Toni Leahy

Volunteer Co-Manager