I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for the beautiful quilt I received in the post. It was so unexpected and incredibly beautiful. It definitely put a smile on my face at a time that it was needed. Thanks so much. If love could be sent in the post, this would be your quilts.


Thank you so much for my quilt. It was waiting for me when I arrived home from time in Fiona Stanley Hospital and some days stay in Perth afterwards. At the time I was feeling sad, sore and just needing comfort so was delighted when I opened the parcel. It felt like a warm hug from someone who cares! I will use it lovingly as I heal and await the next steps.


This morning when I returned home from radiation and chemo, there was a parcel waiting for me. Something I was not expecting. I made sure the name and address was indeed mine (and not the neighbour’s) and then proceeded to open – very carefully as I could feel the contents were soft and I didn’t want to cut them too! When I finally got to the quilt, I was absolutely amazed. I had never heard of “comfort quilts” before and I must admit, I admired the quilt and the beanie before I even read the accompanying information. Then I completely unrolled the quilt and found a matching scarf!! I told my husband that I didn’t feel as if I “deserved” such a lovely gift and he replied “anyone with cancer deserves this”. To all you volunteers who have so laboriously stitched, designed, collaborated and given up their precious time, I say “thank you”. I will always cherish this gift


Yesterday Ian had a surprise gift in the post. Someone had nominated Ian to receive a hand made quilt from Comfort Quilts Against Cancer. Quilts lovingly made by a team of volunteers. The quilt is gifted by the charity and the nominator remains anonymous. I would just like to say THANK YOU to both the wonderful volunteers who made this beautiful quilt and also to the person who nominated Ian.


Thank you so much for my beautiful quilt, bag and other goodies it was a lovely surprise coming back to after 5 weeks away from home for radiotherapy

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I truly appreciate the quilt that was sent to me recently. It came out of the blue, i felt very special. It also came with a beautiful scarf and beanie. It is very cold in Western Australia at the moment so it is very timely. Thankyou so much from the bottom of my heart — sa Mobrup, Western Australia, Australia.

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